request of lazfiveek : Los Angeles cheap wedding venues and ideas? My fiance and I are young parents starting our careers and want to marry in October. The more money k? We can in our bank Buchf? Channel, the better, but I know, my fiance wants a beautiful big guy and a stylish wedding reception … any ideas? We want to keep it in the Los Angeles area! Best answer: reply bbbarra
cost-LA and go? Not Cheap hand in hand more it seems! lolwelche type of venue are desiring? How far w? RDEN go? What is your budget, because my cheap m? Glicherweise not your cheap, I have but a few Pl? Tze to grasp but difficult to know without more detail you .. k? Can email me and I will from there go to . W best? nsche ………….

  • suellenh:

    At a friend’s home.

  • missla:

    I would recommend doing it at one of your own homes or a friends home. Very beautiful. Also, I think beach weddings are free (ie. don’t need a permit or anything) and in october the beaches won’t be packed. Good luck!

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